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Our people

Shaking up operational real estate across the UK
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Natives working across Head Office and our assets

We’re attracting some of the brightest and best talent from and into the sector, offering them the opportunity to be part of an entrepreneurial and value-driven culture.

We recruit carefully, train extensively and build a collegiate work environment by aligning every member of our team to the same set of client driven KPIs.

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Corkfield Team

Meet the team

Guy Nixon

Native April2023 Guy 0365H
Founder & CEO

Ed Brookes

Native April2023 Ed 0114H

Alec Newton

Native April2023 Alec 0322H
Director of Origination

Rajiv Mehta

Native April2023 Rajiv 0522H (1)
Director of Operations UK

Helen Aldridge

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Director of Marketing and Communications

Simon Wilkinson-Reilly

Native April2023 Simon 0816H
Director of Asset Management

Jake Matthews

Native Headshots Nov2023 059H
Director of Facilities Management

Dougie Orton-Wade

Native April2023 Dougie 0464H
Head of Operations - North

Leo Glass

Native April2023 Leo 0407H
Head of Operations - South

Jack Pinkney

Native April2023 Jack 0041H
Head of Commercial & Estates

Richard Higham

Corkfield NC Jan2024 2257L
Head of Digital

Sarah Costigan

Sarah C
Head of People and Culture

Amy Crow

Native April2023 Amy 0289H
Building Safety & Compliance Manager

Hannah Shaw

Hannah S - 075H
Regional Finance Controller - South

Andrew Chan

Native Headshots Nov2023 066H
Regional Reporting Controller - North

Jodie Clark

Native April2023 Jodie 0744H
Mobilisation Manager - South

David Monks

David M -  051H
Mobilisation Manager - North

Eppyar Hunt

Native April2023 Eppyar 0075H
Marketing Manager

Sage Wilmot

Native Headshots Nov2023 009H 2
Origination Analyst

Mo Qureshi

Native April2023 Mo 0244H
Business Systems Manager

Holly Birmingham

Native April2023 Holly 0265H
General Manager

Bex Hetherington

General Manager

Johnathan Lloyd

Native April2023 Jonathan 0052H
General Manager

Amelia Polowyj

Native April2023 Amelia 0504H
General Manager

Zaida Brown

Native April2023 Zaida 0441H (1)
Community Manager

Tony Bullen

Native Headshots Nov2023 072H
Community Manager

Hannah Jhurry

Native Headshots Hannah Nov2023 034H
Community Manager

Mohammad Salman

Mo S - 039H
Community Manager

Yasmin Atkinson

Yasmin - 020H
Community Manager

Jason Tresfon

Native April2023 Jason 0464H
Community Manager

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