In a world facing increasing scarcity and isolation, initiatives such as Goldfinger's People's Kitchen stand out as beacons of hope, uniting communities through the simple joy of food. In the spirit of solidarity and support, we have pledged our commitment.

At the heart of Goldfinger lies Panella, an on-site café serving as the hub for The People's Kitchen initiative. Launched in 2015, with a simple mission, The People's Kitchen strives to tackle food poverty and loneliness by crafting delightful Sicilian-inspired meals from surplus ingredients. What began as a modest endeavour has blossomed into a weekly feast, bringing neighbours together to not only enjoy a meal, but also to forge connections and foster a sense of belonging – a testament to the power of collective action.

Recognising the invaluable work undertaken by The People's Kitchen, we have pledged Native’s ongoing support. Alongside a donation of £5,000 designated for the charity over 2024 and further financial support pledged for the coming years, we are committed to providing regular assistance to Goldfinger's People's Kitchen, with Natives offering a helping hand every quarter. Whether it's chopping vegetables, preparing meals, or simply sharing stories with fellow community members, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in the spirit of camaraderie that defines The People's Kitchen.

So here's to The People's Kitchen and to all those who believe in the power of unity to make a difference.