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How we drive maximum asset value
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Drawing on a wealth of operating experience from the living and commercial sectors, we offer clients comprehensive guidance throughout the entire project journey from the early stages of concept development through to mobilisation.

Operating one of the largest portfolios of BTR and large scale mixed-use assets in the UK, we have unrivalled access to real time operating data across multiple UK markets. Whilst protecting the confidentiality of our clients, we use this data to create comprehensive market intelligence that informs everything from underwriting forecasts to design and operating strategies that drive long term NOI performance.

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Future-proofing assets to deliver sustainable income returns

Everything we do begins with Market Intelligence. We collect, analyse, measure and research. This paints a detailed picture of each local market and identifies the niche that each asset should operate in to achieve optimum value.

Using our operational expertise, we guide clients through the early stages of a project setting the strategies and working with design teams to ensure assets are designed to maximise revenue and minimise cost in operation.

  • Revenue Modelling Cashflow Forecasting
  • Brand Strategy Commercial Property Management
  • RHS Customer Identification
  • ESG ESG Impact
  • Leasing Leasing Strategy
  • Market Intelligence Market Intelligence
  • Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy
  • Consultancy Scheme Design

Meet the team

Alec Newton

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Director of Origination

Helen Aldridge

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Director of Marketing and Communications

Simon Wilkinson-Reilly

Native April2023 Simon 0816H
Director of Asset Management

Rajiv Mehta

Native April2023 Rajiv 0522H (1)
Director of Operations UK

Sage Wilmot

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Origination Analyst

Jake Matthews

Native Headshots Nov2023 059H
Director of Facilities Management

Jack Pinkney

Native April2023 Jack 0041H
Head of Commercial & Estates
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Native has been at the forefront of operating living and mixed-use assets for over a decade. We provide a single-operator solution – innovating across design, brand & digital marketing, placemaking, operations, revenue management, leasing and customer experience.

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